Cover hoods with elastic band

Saving adhesive and fixation tapes

Reusable for multiple times

For indoor and outdoor use

Privacy protection through color additives in the films


We manufacture cover hoods with elastic bands individually and tailored for your shipping and storage containers such as batch tanks, barrels, boxes, lattice boxes, and octabins. A sewn-in elastic band ensures that the hoods are easy to attach and fit securely and precisely.

The cover hoods can be manufactured as side gussets or box hoods and also as a round cut. Additional individual additions such as fillers of different diameters can be welded in.

Protects your containers and fillings from contamination, moisture, and dirt.


  • Round design: diameter up to 1500 mm
  • Rectangular design: upon request
  • Thickness: up to 200 µm

Material types

  • LDPE films in designs as required:
    • Recyclates
    • Food-safe
    • Anti-static
    • Electroconductive
    • Colored
    • UV-resistant
  • Coextrusion films with different barrier properties

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