Special liners for large-volume packaging

Usable for dimensionally stable and flexible outer packaging

Higher durability of the filling

Prevents the diffusion of air/oxygen and moisture to the filling

Protects your containers and fillings from contamination and dirt


Individual and perfectly fitting linings for FIBCs, boxes, reusable boxes, and octabins.

from aluminum composite films

  • Design as a side gusset hood or as a round bottom bag
  • Also available with filler neck and/or outlet upon request
  • With seam overhangs for sewing into big bags
  • We adjust the film structure according to the filling.

from polyethylene

  • Design as a round bottom bag up to a diameter of 1500 mm
  • Also available with filler neck and/or outlet upon request

Material types

  • LDPE films in designs as required:
    • Recyclates
    • Renewable raw materials
    • Food-safe
    • Anti-static
    • Electroconductive
  • HDPE/MDPE films:
    • Anti-static
    • Food-safe
  • Coextrusion films with different barrier properties
  • Polyamide films
  • Polypropylene films

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