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IBC and FIBC liners are made of the aluminum composite film

    • Individual and perfectly fitting linings for FIBCs, boxes, reusable boxes, and octabins.
    • Additional designs with filler necks and/or outlets
    • With positioning aid by a punched cardboard or plastic disc
    • With seam overhangs for sewing into big bags
    • We adjust the film structure according to the filling.
    • Higher durability of the filling

– prevents the diffusion of air/oxygen and moisture to the filling –

Individually folded bags for collecting old garments with individual print


Beer tank linings

  • Tailored linings for all beer tanks customary to the market
  • Optimal shipping and storage protection by multilayer barrier films
  • Special laying position allows for own unfolding in the beer tank
  • No more complicated cleaning of the beer tank with chemicals

Cross and block bottom bags/box hoods

  • Tailored fitting bag or cover for angular containers such as cardboard boxes and shipping containers
  • A special angular or cube welding prevents the formation of pockets or film protrusions and makes it possible to fully remove the filling
  • Protection of the filling from diffusion and reactions with air and moisture
  • The films used are tailored to your filling and requirements

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